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Meet Our Yogis

All much as we love teaching yoga, we also love when others share their yoga practice with us. Meet some of our awesome yogis who highlight the power of consistent yoga practice.


Yogi of the Month: June

"I HATE YOGA!" is what I would have said six months ago had you asked me to go to a class. Wow! Things can change so quickly in six months, considering I go to classes 4-5 times a week now!

My Journey with yoga wasn't necessarily a choice, but more of a necessity. I am a hairstylist and spend most of my days standing with my arms in the air or raised. My whole body gets sore and takes a beating, which unfortunately led to a knee problem. I had to cut my hours to part time. I starting going to yoga because I thought that was the only type of exercise my body could handle and I hoped maybe it could help with my knee. (I had been to a doctor and they said it was just sever patellar tendonitis.) I was not too excited to go because, as I stated previously, "I HATED YOGA!", but I didn't have many other options. I needed to get healthy because how else would I keep working if my limbs slowly started falling apart!

That first class changed my life. I didn't realize how therapeutic yoga would be, not just for my body but for my mind and soul! I found myself, for the first time ever, wanting to workout. My mind was blown! I was always the type to makeup excuses about going to the gym, for a run, to a group fitness class, etc., but somehow my body craved yoga. Now it has become a part of my everyday life. MY mind feels more at ease, my soul feels cleansed and uplifted, and most importantly, my body feels strong and healthy! I am back to working full time and my knee no longer bothers me. Yoga has make me feel more confidant, in my body and myself, and for the first time, I can say "I LOVE Yoga!" Namaste!


Yogi of the Month: February

Straight up, Nora and her dynamic team are great! I've been doing yoga for ten years now so getting to northern North Dakota and having a great resource like YogifyU was a blessing. I'm your typical guy, I don't so much focus on the names of the poses but I can sure tell you where yesterday's yoga class helped me. Yoga has helped build my core strength and it's always interesting to see how each of the instructors put their own spin on Hot Yasa. Super nice facility and awesome North Dakota yogis, what more can you ask for?


Yogi of the Month: January

A year ago I had couldn't have told you the name of a yoga pose nor what one actually looked like! Now I can't imagine not having yoga in my life. When I first started I was just hoping to gain some flexibility (I've never been able to touch my toes until now). Not only have I improved my flexibility but also my strength. Practicing yoga has also provided a great amount of stress relief for me. I love how just an hour of yoga can change my perspective. YogifyU is an absolutely beautiful studio. Nora and the amazing group of instructors & employees she has working with her make every visit there a positive experience.


Yogi of the Month: December

My name is Amber Senn and I’ve been practicing at YogifyU for just over a year. My mother and brother have significant spinal degeneration issues, which have left both of them in a lot of pain and disabled. A few years ago, as I began experiencing more issues with my back, I began practicing yoga to try to help improve my condition and prevent further degeneration. YogifyU has provided me an amazing place to expand my practice and the heat is wonderful for my joints! Since I began at YogifyU, I have seen not only physical benefits of reduced pain and improvements in my flexibility and strength, but the mental benefits as well. Nora offers a variety of classes for any interest and level in an amazing studio. I highly recommend!


Yogi of the Month: November

I was so excited when I saw that someone was opening up a hot yoga studio in minot, I never thought there would be one here. That was about a year ago now. Since then, I have been going to yoga class at least 2-3 times a week...and still look forward to going! Yoga has so many benefits and Nora is a great instructor...I would recommend it for anyone!


Yogi of the Month: October

My name is Elle LaMarca and I began yoga just under a year ago the first week YogifyU opened its doors. I had just come off of a significant weigh loss, but was struggling to find a workout which I not only enjoyed, but would also help me tone and strengthen my "new" body. I was skeptical of yoga, because I was always a hardcore cardio girl. However, after committing to yoga five days a week for the last year, I am in the best physical and mental state of my life. Sadly, I've just said goodbye to ND and moved to Italy. My yoga journey will continue there, but YogifyU will always be my first yoga love. Hot Iron Yoga is my favorite class!


Yogi of the Month: September

My name is Bryan Knight and I am 48 years young with Parkinson’s Disease. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and as the disease has progressed, I was starting to feel tight and having trouble getting around. My wife read about Yoga and its potential benefits for people with Parkinson’s. So I, a very stubborn person, reluctantly agreed to try it, under the condition that I didn’t have to wear yoga pants. I tried it and loved it. Since trying yoga I have increased my range of motion and get around better. I also find that when I get tense and tighten up that if I start to control my breathing, I can breath the tension away. I would like to thank Nora for her inspiring enthusiasm. Her willingness to work with me is greatly appreciated.